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Setup a Twitter Archive in 5 Minutes Using Zapier

There are plenty of paid services that will help you setup a Twitter archive while also offering twitter monitoring and social listening, but I am going to show you how to set up your own Twitter archive using Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Zapier. With this method you will be able archive tweets from your Twitter account indefinitely. Zapier also offers […]

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Changing your WordPress Favicon

What is a Favicon? That little tiny picture on the tab at the top of your browser. Customizing this little guy on your WordPress blog is as simple as installing a plugin and uploading a compatible image file. ^Look! there’s my favicon^ I use the All in One Favicon Plugin by Technotronic and I could’t […]

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6 Facts Every Rookie Podcaster Should Know

For those that have never produced a podcast before here are 6 facts every rookie podcaster should know before they get started. 1: You Don’t Need an iPod to Listen to a Podcast The podcast publishing model has changed drastically since Apple coined the term. That being said Apple iTunes is still a huge player in the […]

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How Noah Kagen got Big Time Bloggers to Care About App Sumo

App Sumo founder Noah Kagen came up with this painfully obvious PR tactic: ask the bloggers what they want to write about, then give it to them on a sliver platter. Knowing that he needed to get the word out in a serious way during the infancy of his new business he couldn’t afford to wait […]

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