Founded July 4th 2013

What is VapeMentors?

VapeMentors offers business consulting and advice for small business owners in the vaporizer and ecigarette industry. Originally founded by Norm Bour in 2013 as a 1-on-1 consulting model it has now pivoted into an online learning portal with a revenue model based on digital education products.

VAPE U is our flagship product garnering more than $15,000 in 2015 with more revenue potential on the way. The VapeMentors team organizes live online learning sessions by leveraging valuable industry connections and deploying interactive sessions with paying students. Students have the opportunity to interact live with industry experts to get personalized advice and guidance from experts on their specific problems. So far we have enrolled over 50 students in our sessions since February of 2015.

Our ultimate vision is a monthly subscription and membership site that provides ongoing learning and direction for our community. We want to leverage private forums, private Facebook groups, digital learning products and exclusive webinars to provide training for small business owners. We have a lot of content to build and a team to hire in order to get there but the market is rich for our offering. It’s just a matter of providing actionable advice and guidance for our audience.

How Does VapeMentors Monetize?

We service brick and mortar business owners, online ecommerce shops and e-liquid brands that want to launch or grow a business in the vaporizer space. Our revenue model is centered around online learning and digital info products as well as plans to launch a paid membership site.

Product Offering Pyramid:

1) Free content from our blog
2) Free content that requires email registration
3) Entry level to intermediate level investment for our book “Vapreneur”
4) Intermediate level investment for our archives of VAPE U sessions
5) Advanced level investment for our live, interactive VAPE U sessions
6) Monthly recurring packages for our membership model dubbed “VapeMasters”

Value Propositions

1) Personal and customized business advice for vape space entrepreneurs
2) Coaching for business owners through online training
3) Growth hacks for lean expansion designed specifically for ecigarette businesses

My Role at VapeMentors:

I build sales funnels, orchestrate launch plans, write landing page copy, optimize pages for conversion, advise on digital products, build email campaigns, admin WordPress, advise on social media strategy, provide direction on content marketing and troubleshoot IT problems. Because we are a small team I am charged with being the go to knowledge base for all things IT and digital marketing.

On days when I am not working on copy for our landing pages or planning our next product offering I am studying digital marketing tactics and strategies that we could employ in our business. My partners look to me for advice on sales funnels, landing page optimization, email campaign strategy and product discovery and management.

The founder of the company is a student of traditional business models with an interest in expanding his knowledge to the digital landscape. Technology and online learning are foreign landscapes for him. Likewise our CEO has many valuable skills with PR, branding and copywriting but is less knowledgeable about the new media outlets available to us. Monetizing a podcast is one thing. Figuring out how to produce each episode on a limited budget while also leveraging our audience for exponential growth is another. I pride myself in multiplying our revenues by reducing overhead with my knack for technology and affinity for digital marketing.

I have taught myself advanced online business strategies and digital marketing tactics from solo entrepreneurs and experts like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Bryan Harris and Noah Kagan.  My partners expect me to stay abreast with current online business strategies so we can apply them to our goals and success. It’s an exciting position.