App Sumo founder Noah Kagen came up with this painfully obvious PR tactic: ask the bloggers what they want to write about, then give it to them on a sliver platter.

Knowing that he needed to get the word out in a serious way during the infancy of his new business he couldn’t afford to wait for them to find him; so he went out and gave them the content they wanted to write about by asking them one simple question: “What are your favorite apps?”
The bloggers told Noah. Noah went and put a deal together for those apps. The bloggers wrote about the deal. The bloggers benefited from the deal (KEY Point…). People heard and bought the apps. Noah sold a sumo-load of apps.

It seems so simple I feel like I should write more…this can’t be it…is it?

Yup, that’s it.

App Sumo distributes web applications by hooking up app publishers and web geeks – kind of like groupons for web apps. As you know there a million and one web app software companies out there and they all want to sell to the same web geeks. App Sumo helps.

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