I’m an expert digital marketer that is currently in the process of becoming 100% location independent and liberating my wife from her 9-5 job. The end goal is to free up our time and finances so we can focus on meaningful change in this world and in our lives.

I want to work with people and products that challenge the status quo and create positive change. If you need help with ANY digital marketing project at all, I have the skills and experience to help at any level.

I have had the incredible fortune of being born into a very comfortable, dynamic and privileged life and I don’t take it for granted.  Although I am not a religious person I take inspiration from a quote in the bible from Luke 12:48 –  “From Those To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected”. For all the unbelievable fortune in my life I am directly responsible for passing on the equivalent to others.

Nothing is static, including your mind and your abilities. Everything that we beat ourselves up about can be changed, improved, altered and otherwise turned around. All of our failures should be the things that motivate us to change and improve, not the things that bring us down.

We can apply this ideology to absolutely everything: our intelligence, our ability to communicate effectively, our ability to be a leader, our confidence, our charisma and our relationships. Nothing is static, especially the mind.

If I had to pick just one thing to spend all my time and my money on for the rest of my life (excluding time with family and friends), it would be on personal development. We all owe it to ourselves, our family, our spouses and our friends to be the best person we can. Don’t accept anything less than your best.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


My Value as a Professional


I possess a unique combination of traditional business training with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a knack for technology. I thrive in multidisciplinary environments that challenge the creative and analytical sides of my brain. I never stop learning and developing myself and I am never satisfied with my performance. I can always do better.

Before I discovered my affinity for digital marketing I was a musician, a snowboarder, a filmmaker, a graphic designer, a skateboarder and a golfer. My list of fascinations is even longer and more diverse. I love studying copywriting, web design, nutritional biochemistry, functional medicine, anthropology, ancient civilizations, world history, science and technology, business, sustainable energy, climate change, outdoor recreation and film production.

If my left and right brain were hands I’d be ambidextrous. It’s hard to know what knowledge my mind will want soak up next.

Since 2014 I have spent my nights and weekends in the backend of a WordPress site helping my clients build their business using marketing automation, content marketing and lead generation.

I can code an email, write a blog post, film a video, build a WordPress site, offer business advice, grow an email list, launch an online course, take a photograph, Inspire a friend and build a sales funnel. I can do it all because digital marketing fires me up.

I speak many languages. I am fluent in geek, marketer, editor, designer, programmer, manager, CTO and CEO.

My professional value boils down to the following:

  • I lead people with humor and inspiration
  • I pick apart problems with lean solutions
  • I believe people don’t fail. Processes fail
  • I am a growth hacker. Technology takes care of the busy work.
  • I think at 30,000 feet
  • I teach therefore I learn
  • I study how other people accomplish success and I model their talents
  • I believe anyone can do it
  • I want to help them get there
  • I hate to see people give up

Please reach out if you think we can work together. I am fascinated with marketing automation, online learning and lead generation. Call me on Skype to talk about technology, lean startups or Utah football. [jpelowtz]

Specialties: WordPress Power User, Omni-Channel Digital Marketing, Web Content Production, Email List Growth, Membership Sites, Online Learning and Course Creation, Webinar Marketing, Email Marketing and New Media Entrepreneurship.

Personal Life


I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah the youngest of two boys. My childhood was picture perfect. I even had a pretty intense teen rebellion period. It was good for me.

Every summer my family would travel out of town and do two epic camping trips – one to Bear Lake, Utah and one to Lake Powell, Utah. We would always meet up with a group of friends we now refer to as “The Village”. This was a network of incredible people who acted as priceless role models for my brother and I and would shape our lives forever (unbeknownst to them).

My parents are incredible role models for me and my older brother because of this amazing group of people. They taught me the value of friendship and community. “Show me your friends and I will show you your future” is a quote I live by every day.

In 2012 my wife and I moved to California. It’s so refreshing and exciting to be living in the Bay Area – a place full of so many entrepreneurs and progressive thinkers. It wasn’t until I moved here from Salt Lake City that I started seeing so many young business owners with the same high hopes and crazy ideas as me. These were people that I could connect with, share ideas with and build things together that change our planet. It’s truly my dream to be a part of something great, something historic, and something intrinsically altruistic.

The people around you shape who you are and who you will become. I am so blessed to have a strong network of friends and family that I truly love and admire. My Wife is one of a kind, and her family is full of so many more good people.


Shameless Photo Gallery


My wife and I at our wedding in Bear Lake, Utah in 2012



Here is the last day of Brighton 2010

Utah is one of the best places to live. Cheap living expenses, good people, plenty of stuff to do and without a doubt THE BEST SNOW ON EARTH. Snowboarding is one of the many things I miss now that I live in California. I know y’all have Big Bear and Tahoe, but they just don’t compare.

Incredible adventures at Lake Powell

If given the chance, GO VISIT LAKE POWELL!! By far one of the most amazing places on earth. I have dreams and aspirations of making millions of dollars and living on a houseboat on Lake Powell. Will it ever happen? Well, getting my Wife to commit to living on a houseboat in the desert will be harder than making millions;). Here are some of my favorite picture of our adventures at Lake Powell.

Our houseboat in the foreground with the gorgeous red rocks of southern Utah behind.

Wakeboarding in Padre Bay – SO GORGEOUS. Looking at this picture gives me goosebumps, then I feel sad that I’m not there…

Homepage Hero Image

LED avatars on the beach at night

This is what going to Rainbow Bridge feels like! Me in the blue hat with all of my favorite people

The Fish

One of the best vacations I have ever taken was for my brother’s wedding in St. Lucia. What an amazing experience in paradise. For his bachelor party we went deep sea fishing and caught an 80 pound yellow fin tuna! He was a fighter, we named him Jeremiah. Me in the middle again with the blue bandanna. (I was very excited…)

The Band

When I lived in Salt Lake I was part of a great reggae band called Herban Empire. For three years we melted the faces of over 10,000 (or so…;) fans. There is currently a class action lawsuit pending against the band for restitution of unpaid plastic surgery procedures. I bailed before things got ugly. This is a video of my last show with the band. We are playing one of our best songs called “Palms”.